Charles A. Frueauff Foundation Grant Awarded at Allen University


As HBCU Libraries have evolved during the last decade to accommodate the trends in academia, so has technology and access services. In order to prepare students for a technology driven society and workforce, access is one of the most essential elements to success. A success that is not only inclusive of students, but one that extends towards faculty, staff, and the campus community as a whole.

The Charles A. Frueauff Foundation (CAFF) has graciously contributed to the JS Flipper Library of Allen University’s efforts in implementing this goal. Founded in 1950, the Charles A. Frueauff Foundation supports funding for educational, human services, and health-related causes around the country. Grant applications are accepted twice a year with deadlines of September 15th and March 15th.  During “its 65 years of existence, the Foundation has made grants in excess of $130 million to more than 650 agencies and institutions” (The Frueauff Foundation). Allen University is pleased to be a part of that ever growing list. Presently, David Frueauff serves as President and Sue Frueauff serves as Chief Administrative Officer.

The foundation has awarded a grant of $10,000.00 to the JS Flipper Library of Allen University for the upgrade of its media department. The upgrade will include 10 Apple Ipads, 10 high chairs, a brand new technology bar/counter, an all-in-one computer, and a color printer.

Applications such as Evernote, Abby Text Grabber, and Itunes University are among the many applications that will be available to our campus community through the funding of this grant. These applications have features that will allow faculty, students, and staff to convert photographic images containing script into editable text. Also, Itunes University provides access to course material from top universities around the country that will promote academic inspiration for faculty, as well as, provide additional study and research resources for students.

As the library is the heart of many university campuses, technology is becoming the beat that brings new life into an imperative component of higher education. In a study conducted by Hart Research Associates on behalf of The Association of American Colleges & Universities, 60% out of 400 employers surveyed agreed that staying current on changing technologies and their applicability to the workplace is an important learning outcome of college students to employers.

The addition of the Ipads will also allow access to the university’s Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) and other resources that are applicable to work industries. Many of the applications provided will also be exclusive to Apple product ownership. The time frame for the completion of the project is 3 months with an expected completion date around mid-April 2016.

The web link for The Charles A Frueauff Foundation is: http://www.frueauff.org/


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