From The President’s Desk: The J.H. White Library

171170-7Being an avid reader and patron of university and local libraries, I have always understood the importance of libraries. Throughout my educational journey, I have heavily relied on the resources and staff of libraries at the universities and local communities in which I resided. I attribute much of my success to the assistance I received at libraries.

The J.H. White Library supports the mission of Mississippi Valley State University (MVSU) in various ways. The University’s mission is to provide comprehensive undergraduate and graduate programs in education, the arts and sciences, and professional studies. The University is driven by its commitment to excellence in teaching, learning, service, and research–a commitment resulting in a learner-centered environment that prepares critical thinkers, exceptional communicators, and service-oriented, engaged, and productive citizens. MVSU is fundamentally committed to positively impacting the quality of life and creating extraordinary educational opportunities for the Mississippi Delta and beyond.  Each facet of our mission is heavily supported by the library through its resources, staff, and network with other campus and community libraries.

In order to be successful on the college level, our students must patronize their campus library. Our library recently underwent $13 million in renovations, which won a merit award for design from the Mississippi chapter of American Institute of Architects, to make it more user friendly for our campus community.  The upgrades really proved our dedication to enhancing the student experience and supporting their success.

Libraries have boundless resources on anything you can imagine from religion, hobbies, and careers, among a host of other interests.  We should all have a never ending passion for learning and exploring all of our possibilities at our campus or local libraries.


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