Bethune-Cookman University Produces Its First Online Black Florida History Encyclopedia

April (2017)—Dr. Richard Buckelew and Dr. Jeanette Ford, both history professors at B-CU, have obtained a $2,775.00 SEED grant that will assist in the development of the school’s first online encyclopedia. This online catalog has been a long-term project that will be fully-accessible to all students as well as the public with the history of Florida at one specific location. The online encyclopedia will be a hands on tool that will prepare B-CU students with skills for potential jobs as historians. They will also gain skills in using digital media programs and its online formats. “Our primary motivation for creating the online encyclopedia is to create an easily accessible resource in which we can share the rich historical contributions of African Americans in Florida”, explains Dr. Buckelew.

Students will be able to submit entries to the encyclopedia for publishing after being peer-reviewed by the editorial board along with gaining complete access to articles written by fellow colleagues. Currently, Dr. Buckelew and Dr. Ford are submitting grant applications to garner additional funding to continue this long-term project. “We will seek initial funding grants of $25,000-$50,000 to implement the design of the project, employ student workers, assemble an editorial board, and purchase the equipment and software necessary to create phase one of the online encyclopedia,” Dr. Buckelew explained. The complete initiative will require approximately $500,000 to to get the online encyclopedia efficiently operative. All students who are interested in contributing to the project are encouraged to inquire as well as to utilize the online encyclopedia within their studies as much as possible.

For more information, contact. Dr. Richard Buckelew, Associate History Professor, 386-481-2445 or buckelewr@cookman.edu

Shared from Bethune-Cookman University


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