$285,000 Grant to Focus on Collaborations and Prostate Cancer Research

August (2017)— The U.S. Department of Defense has awarded a grant totaling $285,481 to help fund a collaborative initiative between Alabama State University and the University of North Texas Health Science Center (UNTHSC).

The grant is titled “Diversifying Biomedical Researchers in Prostate Cancer through Academic Affiliations between UNTHSC and Alabama State University.”

The principal investigator for the project will be Dr. Jamboor Vishwanatha, vice president and director of the Texas Center for Health Disparity and the Center for Diversity and International Programs and the principal investigator of National Research Mentoring Network at UNTHSC. Dr. Manoj Mishra, Director of Cancer Biology Research and Training at Alabama State University, will serve as co-investigator and faculty advisor.

“Each year, this award will allow four ASU students from biomedical disciplines to get summer training at UNTHSC in the area of prostate cancer research,” said Mishra. “The grant will also help to build collaborative partnerships with scientists from UNTHSC, with a long-term goal of training underrepresented students and a focus on finding ways to eliminate health disparity in prostate cancer in the African-American population.”

Four students started the program this summer and are finishing their internship at UNTHSC: Abubakar Kaba, Natalie White, Jala Redmon and Brett Barlow.

“This grant is a perfect example of collaborative teamwork and has potential to change the dynamics of research training of underrepresented students at ASU and UNTHSC,” said Mishra. “This award is going to put ASU on the global map of cancer research and training, and represents another step forward toward strengthening the cancer biology research and training program at ASU that will attract students and faculty from around the world.”

The collaboration between ASU and UNTHSC provides benefits for both institutions.

“Researchers at UNTHSC have a longstanding commitment to minority education, community outreach and health disparity research,” said Vishwanatha. “As part of our commitment to combat the problem of health disparities and promote educational and training activities for underrepresented minorities, this collaborative proposal is not only going to train students but also will help in establishing productive partnerships in cancer research with ASU.”


Article Shared from Alabama State University


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