Update on the HBCU Library Alliance Summer 2018 Internship Program!

April (2018) — The Winterthur University of Delaware Program in Art Conservation, in partnership with the HBCU Library Alliance, received funding to coordinate five fully-funded, eight-week summer internships in library and archives preservation during 2018, at five nationally-recognized library preservation/conservation laboratories. Winterthur’s Melissa Tedone, Ph.D, Associate Conservator for Books and Libraries, is Primary Investigator for this project.

Thanks to the Samuel H. Kress Foundation, the University of Delaware College of Arts and Science, the Department of Art Conservation at the University of Delaware, and the Winterthur Museum, Garden, and Library (DE) for funding this internship project. Thanks to Board member Debbie Hess Norris, University of Delaware, for securing this funding.

Interns will work on a range of possible projects, including:

  • surveying the condition of library collection materials;
  • stabilization and conservation treatment of historical documents, such as humidification and flattening, surface cleaning, and mending tears;
  • historical research;
  • digitization projects;
  • environmental monitoring; and
  • constructing custom storage enclosures for fragile archival materials.

Interns will then use their new expertise to implement a library preservation project designed in collaboration with their host site mentor and their home institution’s library staff. These projects will build on the success of each intern’s summer experience by providing an opportunity to perform meaningful work preserving significant HBCU library collections at their institution.

To read more about the program and the students chosen, visit: HBCU Library Alliance 2018 Conservation Intern Program


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