Common Mission, Common Ground report

June (2018) — I’m excited to share the “Common Mission, Common Ground” report on the HBCU Library Alliance’s collaboration with the Digital Library Federation.  As you recall, the HBCU Library Alliance partnered with the Digital Library Federation to organize the IMLS-funded unconference and fellowship opportunity at the 2017 Digital Library Federation forum in Pittsburgh, PA.

Follow this link https://diglib.org/hbcu-library-alliance to access the report. Thanks are due Digital Library Federation Executive Director Bethany Nowviskie and her team for the partnership opportunity, IMLS for project funding that supported fifteen (15) HBCU Library Alliance fellowships, and to all planning committee members who developed and implemented an action-packed unconference and forum.

 The HBCU Library Alliance is excited to partner with the Digital Library Federation and to add perspective as an organization promoting the value and contributions of HBCUs. Your feedback is welcomed.

 Stay tuned for information on the upcoming 2018 DLF Forum!


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