Library of Congress and HBCU Library Alliance

June (2018) — More EXCITING NEWS, the HBCU Library Alliance is partnering with the University of Delaware on a library conservation/preservation intern project.  Twenty-seven applications were received from undergraduate HBCU students for five fully-funded, eight-week summer internships in library and archives preservation at five nationally-recognized library preservation/conservation laboratories. Thanks to the Samuel H. Kress Foundation, the University of Delaware College of Arts and Science, the Department of Art Conservation at the University of Delaware, and the Winterthur Museum, Garden, and Library (DE) for funding this internship project. Thanks to Board member Debbie Hess Norris, University of Delaware, for securing this funding. Follow this link http://www.hbculibraries.org/students-program.html for more information.

Board member Deanna Marcum, Ithaka S+R (NY), reached out to Library of Congress to support an intern.  My conversations with Director of Preservation Jacob Nadal were focused on the value and contributions of HBCUs and a mutually beneficial and engaging summer internship. A contract has been executed with Library of Congress to support one eight-week internship this summer. Jacob Nadal, who will serve as site supervisor, described the summer internship as a benefit to both communities and is hopeful that Library of Congress will annually support a summer intern. So cool!

North Carolina Central University (NCCU) undergraduate Miranda Clinton has accepted the eight-week (June 11 through August 4) placement at Library of Congress. Miranda is a history major with an interest in library science.  As a work study student at the James E. Shepard Memorial Library, Miranda eagerly performs assigned duties and responsibilities.  NCCU Library Director Theodosia Shields describes Miranda as a bright, focused, and competent student.

I am so pleased that the Library of Congress and the HBCU Library Alliance are in partnership to support an undergraduate intern. There are so many possibilities and opportunities for both communities to learn, grow and share together.


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