Alumni Donate Over $500,000 During Reunion Weekend

June (2018)

Article shared from South Carolina State University

ORANGEBURG, S.C. – Alumni Reunion Weekend 2018 was held on May 11-13 and was a weekend of fellowship and philanthropy, as SC State alumni gathered to celebrate their alma mater. Class reunion gifts totaled $509,249, which will support various university departments, programs and scholarships.

Several classes exceeded their overall financial goal, substantially supporting university efforts, such as the advancement of the Department of University Computing and Information Technology Services, previously endowed scholarships and the Lift-A-Bulldog initiative, which provides summer funds for the football team.

The weekend reunion included the classes of ’38, ’43, ’48, ’53, ’58, ’63, ’68, ’73, ’78, ’83 ’88 and ’93. The ‘golden class’ of 1968 celebrated its 50th-year reunion and acknowledged the 1968 Orangeburg Massacre, which greatly impacted the class, and is a significant part of the school’s history. The ‘silver class’ of 1993 celebrated its 25th-year reunion along with alumna and former Georgia Rep. Dorothea “Dee” Dawkins-Haigler, who also served as SC State’s commencement speaker on May 11.

Retired Col. Alfred P. Glover and his wife, Parniest, received the Lewis A. Berry Philanthropy Award during the reunion weekend’s Alumni Honors and Awards Banquet, for gifting the largest single donation of $30,000 last fiscal year.

The donations given during Alumni Reunion Weekend are another example of alumni’s power to propel an institution of higher learning, especially a historically black college.

“When everyone comes together to support the university, amazing things happen. These donations allow the university to provide scholarships to the best and brightest students and support the university in various capacities as needed,” said Iva Gardner, director of Alumni Relations.

“We were pleased to see over 400 alumni return to their alma mater to celebrate the university together. Each spring, classes celebrating their reunion return to SC State to show support for their beloved institution and reconnect with fellow classmates and friends. This year, the reunion weekend was one of the best ever. We thank our loyal sons and daughters for their generosity and look forward to even more alumni contributions and overall dedication to SC State,” she continued.

For more information, please contact Iva Gardner at (803) 516-4616 or Igardner@scsu.edu.


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