Fisk President’s Tenure Off To A Strong Start – Local Institution Reports Record 2017-2018 Fundraising Totals

July (2018) — For two consecutive years, Fisk University has posted record fundraising totals. The unaudited fundraising totals exceeded $7.7 Million (excluding private grants) and alumni giving participation increased to over 33%. The turnaround, in large part, can be attributed to a growing number of Nashville donors and a tremendously dedicated group of alumni ambassadors.

“The Fisk value proposition resonates with the growth of Nashville and its search for the next generation of business and community leaders,” said Vice President of Institutional Advancement Jens Frederiksen. “During the past fiscal year, Fisk received two separate $1 million gifts, and the overall endowment continues to grow. These are exciting times to be a part of the Fisk transformation. There is a strong sense here in Nashville and across the country that Fisk is on the move.”

With this significant upswing in fundraising, as well as some strategic cost reductions, the institution will finish another year in the black.  The incoming fall class will be more than double the size of last year’s class.  Moreover, the campus has undergone some significant renovations including the Fisk Jubilee Singers’ new home, the Talley/Curb House. The school anticipates new construction in the near future.

Article shared from Fisk University


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